silicon heating belt

silicon heating belt
  • silicon heating belt
  • silicon heating belt
  • silicon heating belt

Silicone Rubber Heater Tape Antifreeze Electric Heating Tape

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 CGHEATER silicon rubber electric heating belt is of good waterproof performance, can be used for heating, heat tracing and heat preservation of pipelines, pots and tanks of industrial equipment or laboratory in moist places without explosive gas. It can be directly wound on the surface of a to-be-heated position, and is of simple installation, safety and reliability.
1) It is mainly composed of nickel-chromium alloy wires and insulating material, and has fast heating speed, high heat efficiency and long service life.
(2) Alkali-free glass fiber core rack is wound with electric heating wires, silicon rubber is used as main insulation, the heat resistance performance is excellent, and the insulation performance is reliable.
(3) It has great flexibility, and can be directly wound on a to-be-heated device, with good contact and uniform heating.
Technical index:
1. Dielectric strength (line end and surface); 2000VAC
2. Insulation resistance>100MΩ
3.Operating temperature: 30-120℃.
4. Service life> 40000 hours
5.Thickness: 4mm/5mm
Specification: 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 50mm in width;
The length is 1m, 2m, 3M, 5M and 10m.
Conventional voltage: 220V or customized
Power: 80W/M for 15/20mm in width, 100W/M for 25/30mm in width, 150W/M for 50mm in width.
Scope of use: auxiliary heating device for refrigeration and air conditioning compressors, motors,all kinds of pipe heating and heat preservation, water pipe antifreeze, drain pipe and water tank can be wrapped outside, can not be directly put into the water, can not be overlapped. Installation method: first wrap the heating belt around the water pipe, and add a thermostatic switch (or adjustable temperature control) After installation, wrap the aluminum tape for fixation and heat preservation, and plug in the power supply. It is recommended to use it with a thermostat.
Notes in Use:
(1) When in installation, the silicon rubber plane side of the electric heating belt should tightly attach to the surface of
dielectric pipelines and pot bodies, and is tightly firmed by aluminum adhesive tape.
(2) Should add heat-insulation layer on the outside of the electric heating belt for reducing heat loss.
(3) Forbid overlapping and winding for preventing it from being damaged owing to overheat.


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