Cast aluminum heating plate with Teflon coating

Cast aluminum heating plate with Teflon coating

Cast aluminum heating plate with Teflon coating

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The cast-in heating plates and heating bands consist of one or several electrical resistances embedded in a block of aluminum, brass, bronze providing excellent thermal conductivity.

Cast-in heating elements are ideal for applications requiring homogeneous indirect heat. Cast-in heaters are often used in plastics industry, packaging industry, food industry and many others.

We can make cast heaters according to your specific drawings, cast heater are very reliable as the elements inside always have a heat transfer surface and this ensures that the heater are less likely to fail. The heat is also distributed evenly ensuring better product production and longer element life than other heating elements.


Material: Aluminum, brass, bronze.

Voltages available: 120V, 240V, 380V, 450V, others available on request.

Max operating temperature:

Aluminum(300-450℃), copper(500-600℃), iron(550-700℃).

Shape: round, flat, rectangular, square,air-cooled, water-cooled and other shapes.

Use environment temperature -20~+60°C.
Leakage current <0.5MA.
Insulation resistance ≥8MΩ.
Ground resistance <0.1MΩ.


Widely used in extrusion machine, injection molding machine, vulcanizing machine,  hydraulic machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine.


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